US Cooling not Warming

cryptocurrency in pakistan US has had a 12 year cooling trend extropolating to minus 11.03 degrees per century. This is not a good time for Obama to push a punitive Carbon tax bill especially after Climategate. Those climate…

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Wind Power Fails Miserably

  The UK is covered in snow as shown in this amazing satellite photo and to prevent people from freezing the electricity generators are running flat out – that is , except for the wind…

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The Church of Global Warming – The Movie

Coming to a theatre near you – a new hour long movie called Church of Global Warming, a very well done, high quality movie, presented in six parts . It is encouraging to see the…

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Met Boss Tries To Defend 25% Pay Rise

John Hirsch interviews the Met chief and gives him a very uncomfortable time. Very entertaining TV with some very pertinent questions.

Climategate Whistleblowers Sought

Emails have been sent to Michael Mann’s co-workers advising of the reward money available to whistle-blowers where misuse of government funds is involved. A top fraud lawyer Joel Hesch is quoted as being part of…

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Met Office chief receives 25 pc pay rise

The Telegraph says the head of the Met in the UK with an abysmal record of predictions has been rewarded with a 25 per cent pay rise. If his pay was tied to the prediction…

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‘Climate science’ is an oxymoron.

Gerald Warner of the Telegraph : The entire Northern Hemisphere is frozen. The world looks like a Christmas pudding with icing on the top. That is completely normal, part of the random climate fluctuations with which…

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Freezing Caused by Global Warming

Climate change is bringing freezing temperatures to poor villages where families have long existed on the margins of survival. Now some must choose whether to save the animals that give them a living, or their…

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Peter Garrett’s Second Hottest Claim Disputed

It seems that if we go to the centre of Australia and check the rural record of Alice Springs Warwick Hughes finds that absolutely no long term warming has occurred and though 2009 was hot…

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The Arrogance of Liberalism

A New York Times op-ed laments that the views of Americans are moving away from those of the “educated classes”. The writer cannot seem to comprehend that an educated person would not subscribe to the…

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UK Green Jobs – 90% Go Overseas

The UK industry body, the EEF, points out that over 90% of the €2bn earmarked for the world’s biggest wind farm in UK waters – the London Array, off Kent – is being spent abroad…

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New Year and a New Blog

I guess you would think the world doesn’t need a new blog about climate, but it is going to get one anyway. I think everyone who can , needs to do their part to end…

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